Why It's Important to Look After Your Team's Mental Health

Money Lost

Depression and anxiety lead to a global loss of approximately $1 trillion annually due to reduced work efficiency. Reduce Stress, Increase Progress: Be Part of Change, – 1 in 4 Affected in Corporates. Conquer Stress as a Team!


Employees are more likely to stay at a job where they feel their well-being is valued and supported. High turnover rates, often linked to workplace stress, can be costly for businesses.


Companies that prioritize mental health can be seen as more attractive to potential employees and clients. They can be viewed as leaders in progressive workplace practices.

Missing Work

People miss 25 days of work every year because of mental health problems. This is more than from being sick or hurt.

Not Working Well

The biggest problem isn’t just when people miss work. It’s when they come to work but can’t do their best because of their mental health.

Investing Helps

When businesses spend $1 to help employees with mental health, they get $4 back because of better health and work.

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