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Think of your mind as a deep ocean, and there are many things hidden deep below. This method is like diving deep to find hidden treasures or understand what’s buried down there. It looks at dreams and memories to understand more about what’s going on inside your head.

Imagine your mind like a computer. Sometimes it can have wrong or harmful programming. CBT is like updating that software, helping you change bad habits or negative thoughts. It gives you tools to handle problems better.
Think of your life as a team game. You play with others, like family and friends. This approach helps therapists see how you work with your team and how they affect you. It’s about understanding your role and relationships.
Our mind and body are connected, much like a computer and its hardware. Sometimes, when our mind is upset or stressed, our body shows signs too, like stomachaches. This method looks at how our feelings and thoughts can affect our body and aims to treat both.
Think of this as being a detective for your body. It tries to find out why a part of your body might be sick or in pain by looking at emotional or mental reasons. For example, if you’re always stressed, maybe that’s why you have frequent headaches.
Music can make us feel many things—happy, sad, excited, or calm. This method uses music to help people express and understand their feelings or improve their thinking. It’s like having a special playlist tailored just for you to help you feel better.

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